Extended Studies

Food and Health

It is important that we should all know what to do if someone near us is injured or suddenly unwell.  In this module, you will spend two sessions with one of the school nurses learning some basic first aid skills.

It is also important of course that we know how to look after ourselves, and in the other two sessions you will be finding out more about food and diet.  This will involve using information technology, and cooking and eating.

Week 1 First Aid Skills with the school nurse.
Week 2 First Aid Skills with the school nurse.
Week 3 Cookery: a hands-on session
Week 4 What should we eat? Nutrition advice

Remember your DRSABCD






CPR cardio pulmonary resuscitation


And for strokes remember:

Face (has their face dropped on one side)

Arms (can they lift their arms)

Speech (is their speech slurred)

Time to call 999

How to use a defibrillator

What is CPR?

Week 2- Bleeding, burns and choking and tornado quiz.

What to do if someone is bleeding

How to treat a burn

How to help someone who is choking