DVD Catalogue  All video material is now also on Estream for ease of classroom use.

Ordnance Survey Maps The Department possesses a very large number of Ordnance Survey maps at a variety of scales.

a) Large flat sheets are stored in the map chest in H7.
b) Past examination map extracts are stored, where possible, with the appropriate examination maps in the filing cabinets in Humanities Office 1.
c) Folded sheets are housed in H7 and Humanities Office 1 along with the laminated maps used for fieldwork exercises.

Fieldwork Equipment Fieldwork equipment is stored in H8. The equipment list is quite extensive and caters for most of the projects which have been undertaken by students.  The fieldwork equipment ranges from basic surveying equipment to accurate levelling devices. Some of this is displayed in the cabinets in the room. Students wishing to borrow the equipment should in the first instance discuss this with LJG.