Health & Welfare

Eating Disorders

b-eat is a national organisation dedicated to helping anyone experiencing difficulties with food. Formerly known as the Eating Disorder Association. It has it’s own young peoples forum and it also provides a helpline, online support and a network of UK-wide self-help groups to help adults and young people in the UK.

i*eat is a non-profit organisation seeking to address the issues around eating disorders. They believe in full recovery - getting to a place where food no longer controls your life.

General advice for young people: Get Connected offers information and a free UK-wide email and telephone helpline for young people. Helpline staff have access to a comprehensive database of information about counselling and all sorts of specific services, such as drug and alcohol services or those focused on particular issues like sexuality or self harm. They will talk things through and help you find the appropriate service in your local area. Calls are free from most mobiles and they can connect you to most of the services for free too.

The School's Eating Distress and Eating Disorders Policy can be found as an Appendix in the Mental Health Policy.