Health & Welfare

School Chaplain

The Reverend Julian Poppleton is the School Chaplain. He is a priest in the Church of England and holds a Licence from the Bishop of Winchester. He aspires to be a good example of a person of faith and witness to the Christian gospel. The Chaplain is a part-time member of staff, teaching in the Religious Studies department and also contributing to the Sixth Form Foundation Studies programme.

At the heart of his role is supporting the community and, in particular, individuals’ well-being in their experience of life. The Chaplain is happy to meet with any member of the School to discuss whatever is on his or her mind, whether a religious or spiritual matter or something just of concern. He is happy to be a sounding board and mediator. He has advised about, assisted and presided at funerals, memorial services, weddings and baptisms.

The Chaplain organises the weekly assemblies and School services to mark key moments in the year and in the life of the School, bringing a Christian and spiritual perspective that he hopes will be stimulating, nourishing and challenging to all members of the School.

The Chaplain also has parish responsibilities at his home in Salisbury.

The Chaplain's office is in the Humanities corridor and his email address is