Health & Welfare

School Nurses

The School employs two qualified nurses and the Medical Room is staffed Monday to Friday from 8.15 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Andrea Cox (Senior School Nurse)
Melanie Roe

Direct Telephone 023 8079 9213 or via the Main Office 023 8070 4561


The nurses have a responsibility for first aid and ensuring that the medical and health needs of pupils are supported in school. They are available to talk to pupils in confidence about anything that is worrying them.

A “Health Matters” board, displays and assemblies are used to support local, national and international health promotional events and activities.

Ideally pupils should visit the Medical Room at break, lunchtime or between lessons, unless the need is urgent.

If a pupil feels unwell during the school day they must visit the medical room where the nurse on duty will assess whether it is necessary to return home. Pupils should not instigate these arrangements beforehand.

If a pupil feels unwell before coming to school and is likely to be ill during the day, parents are asked to keep them at home.

If parents wish to discuss any health issues that will affect their child whilst they are a member of the School, they should contact the nurses.

Parents are required to fill out a Medical Declaration form on their child’s admission to the School. This will be kept confidential. Parents are also asked to complete a Homely remedies consent form. A copy of the Medical Declaration form and the Homely remedies consent form can be found on the links below. A copy of the Homely Remedies policy can be found as an appendix of the First Aid and Medical Health Needs policy.

Parents are asked to keep the nurses updated with regards to any changes to a pupil's medical and health needs.

Administration of Prescribed Medicines Consent Form

Medical Declaration & Medication Consent Form