Junior House

Junior House is a special part of life in the Lower School. It consists of a series of sporting events for Second and Third Year pupils, that take place after school on a Friday afternoon throughout the year. It aims to foster a spirit of friendly competitiveness amongst the pupils, as each House takes on the other five in a variety of different sports.

In the Autumn Term, the boys play rugby and the girls play hockey. In the Spring Term, it is the boys' turn to play hockey, while the girls play netball and in the Summer there are Sports Day Heats after school and a mixed Rounders competition during lunchtimes. Most events have an A and a B Team to cater for different levels of experience and ability.

All Lower School pupils are expected to participate in Junior House and the evenings are also well attended by older pupils, who come along to support. The Sixth Form take the events particularly seriously! Parents are also welcome to attend these events and watch their children in action.