Spectacular Success for Lawrence House at Sports Day 2019

The whole of Lawrence House put in an incredible effort to win Sports Day and retain the Spranger Cup.

Prior to Sports Day, the House had done well in the javelin events, with Tomi Gibson, Toby Jeffes and Hannah Procter all winning in their respective categories. In the first event of the actual day, Charlotte Dunkley picked up maximum points with victory in the hurdles. Kerem Nebol followed this up with victory in shot put. Then, in one of the races of the day, Gabriel Suttie led from start to finish as he dominated the U13 800m.

It seems that the house possesses students with fast twitch fibre muscles, given that we won five of the 100 metre races. The future Dina Asher-Smiths, were Katie Ardern-Jones and Melanie Georgiou, with Melanie breaking yet another school record. Whilst our Usain Bolt impersonators were, Max Bouras, Will Chambers and Zach Tidby.

Back out in the field, there was more success in the shot put, this time for Emily Ardern Jones and Charlotte Dunkley. Charlotte smashed the School record, with a throw of 11.1 metres, almost taking out Mr Hyder in the process. Callum Jacob also won the U13 Triple Jump, to keep the points flowing for the house.

With the individual events for Sports Day drawing to a close, Ned Goodridge won the 1500 metres, before Ida Goodridge and Harry Day doubled up in their events, with Ida winning the 1500 metres and 400 metres, and Harry winning the 200 and 400 metres.

With the relays offering up to 12 points for a victory, any serious contenders for the Spranger Cup now that it is vital to succeed in the relays. To say that Lawrence House dominated the relays is an understatement! The girls won all four categories in the different age groups, whilst the boys set a new record in the U15 race, a truly exciting and high quality event.

Well done to Mr Penn for getting a full team out for the day and well down to all the participants on the day. Victory by just four points and an important contribution to the Allen Grant Trophy.

Head of House: Mr Brown 

Heads of House: Ottilie Beal

Upper School House Captains: Charlotte Dunkley U9 & Freddie Coulson U9

Lower School House Captains: Melanie Georgiou L8 & Luca Gualano L7

Upper School Tutors : Mr Mapstone, Mrs Penn, Mr Lawson

Lower School Tutors : Dr Schofield, Miss Horn, Mrs Gilmour