Head of Sylvester House: Ms J M Barron  

Heads of House: Katrina Penn-Newman & Jacob Fay

House Captains: Upper School: Stella Bendoni & Filippo Hall
                                   Lower School: Emmy Walker & Ree Okitikpi


1st Year: Mrs N A Moxon (1/4) & Mrs S L Lupton (1/6)
Lower School:  Mr G Twum-Barima (L13),
Mr S T Aellen (L14) & Mrs S Quinn (L15)
Upper School: Mrs L J Grant (U13) &
Mr R P Nicols (U14)
Sixth Form: Mrs J M Meredith (S5)
& Dr S D Gamblin (S17) 

House Motto: Who's the bester? Sylvester!