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LAMDA Speech & Drama Enrolment Form

Please complete the following sections as fully as possible, giving details where appropriate, by Friday 28 May 2021.

By completing this form, you are indicating that you would like your child to take LAMDA lessons from the beginning of the Autumn Term 2021.

Pupil Details

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Previous LAMDA Experience

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Many pupils choose to take LAMDA examinations. As with the Associated Board Exams, the higher grade LAMDA qualifications carry UCAS points which can help with University Applications. If candidates achieve a good mark at Grade 8 it carries the same UCAS points as an A grade at AS level. Would you like your child’s lessons to include preparation for such examinations as appropriate? *



Lessons will be taught on Mondays and will be held in the Drama Department. The majority of lessons are arranged on a rota basis, where students miss a different School lesson each week in order to have their LAMDA lesson. Pupils must ensure that they make up works as instructed by their class teachers so as to maintain progress in other subjects.


Reminder to Pupils

  • The times of LAMDA lessons are different to the times of normal school lessons.
  • If you are ill on the day of your lesson, please contact your instrumental teacher directly by no later than 8.30am. 
  • Check your schedule of instrumental lessons against your academic timetable for the upcoming half term. If you are scheduled to miss the same academic lesson more than once per half term, inform your LAMDA teacher straight away so that a change can be made to avoid this.
  • Check your lesson time weekly so that you can inform your class teacher in advance when you will be missing a lesson.
  • Inform your LAMDA teacher if you need to cancel a lesson AT LEAST ONE WEEK in advance, e.g. because of a class test or school trip. It may be that your lesson can be rearranged but any lessons you miss without giving the required warning may be charged for.


Parent Contact Details

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Please note that your contact details, as completed on this form, will be given directly to the LAMDA teacher unless you advise otherwise. You are also advised to inform the teacher directly if your son/daughter has any specific special learning needs.

 Please feel free to contract your LAMDA teacher at any time for an update on progress. 


The cost of these lessons will be

£19.50 per person for an individual lesson lasting half an hour

£11.50 per person for a lesson for two pupils lasting half an hour

I would like my child to have the following lesson: *

These fees are subject to annual review. If, at a later date I wish to withdraw my child from LAMDA lessons, I understand that I must contact the LAMDA teacher directly, giving six weeks’ notice of my intention to cease lessons.

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