Junior Science

Junior Science

Junior Science is studied by all First and Second Year pupils at King Edward’s and comprises of a selection of topics from Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  It is designed to provide a solid foundation for IGCSE separate sciences.

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Students should follow the links in the "Student Resources" section on the left side of this page to find links to the relevant sections of the BBC Bitesize website along with some other useful websites.


KES has its very own ‘Springwatch’

The Junior Science Department are delighted to announce the arrival of 10 fluffy yellow chicks! The department has hatched out the eggs in an incubator as part of the reproduction topic studied in First Year. The chicks are available for viewing via the screens around the school and for cuddles in the laboratory. They have a very big fan club from First Year up to Sixth Form! The chicks come from a small holding in Bournemouth and will be returning there when they are 10 days old and have out grown their current home.