Junior Science



Aspects of human reproduction are studied by all pupils in the First Year. This work is designed to compliment the PSHE programme taught during Group Base. It is taught by the class' usual teacher in association with the School's nurse, who also comes in to do a lesson on contraception.
The material is presented through the Channel 4 School’s video series ‘Living and Growing’ and is supplemented by our own worksheets and other resources. The main topics covered are:
  • Differences between the sexes
  • Changes which occur during puberty
  • Fertilisation, pregnancy and the development of the foetus
  • Contraception

Fit and Healthy

As part of the Second Year course pupils study diet and lifestyle with a clear connection to the physiological effects on the body, as part of the human body topic. This links to some aspects taught in Extended Studies and PSHE during Group Base.
Any issues raised in the programmes will, of course, be sensitively managed by the class teacher but if you have any queries regarding our presentation of this topic please feel free to contact the school.