Junior Science

Events and Trips


This academic year the First Years will be visiting Winchester Science Museum. They will get an opportunity to explore the different scientific models and experiments before entering the planetarium. Here they will get an opportunity to listen to one of experts talk through the various wonders of outer space. This aligns perfectly with the topic of Astronomy.

The Second Years will be visiting Marwell Zoo. They will get the opportunity to walk around the park, finding out about the different organisms they have there and various conservation projects. The main focus will be on classification of organisms. Although this is not directly studied in the Second Year, this helps to enhance their learning of anatomy covered in The Human Body and is excellent preparation for the study of classification in iGCSE Biology.


Last year, all the Junior Science students were lucky enough to be heavily involved in the Science Festival. They took part in many of the various activities put on across the three days.

These included:

· Handling various creepy-crawlies and reptiles

· Magic Science Show

· Experiencing a pop-up planetarium

· Breakout Games

· Science Bucking (brought to them by various L6th students)

· Equine dissection

· Partridge hatching as part of a new conservation incentive

Spring 2019 will see the return of our duckling hatching program. Every year we receive a batch of eggs and proceed to hatch them in J1 as part of the Reproduction topic. Both First and Second Years benefit from this, and the handling of the ducklings is enjoyed throughout the School.

Junior Science Club continues to be a popular and well attended club. This takes part every Thursday lunchtime with a different member of the Science faculty. They bring their own area of expertise which serves to enthuse and inspire the younger students. Sixth Form Science Ambassadors also attend as aids to the teachers. Some of the activities include:

· Chemical reactions

· Making slime

· Lava lamps

· Lights and lasers

· Flame tests

· Tie-dying lab coats

· Rat dissection

· And the list goes on!

As part of the Electricity topic in the Second Year, the students made dolls houses out of cardboard and proceeded to wire them. They needed to think about different types of circuits and how best to light up their various dwellings.