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Bus Registration Form - KES Pupils only

Please complete this registration form to reserve a place for your son/daughter on the school bus service.

If you require more than one bus place you will need to complete this form for each child.


If you are a Richard Taunton College Student / Parent, please refer to the Richard Taunton College Students page which can be found on the left hand side KETA Transport menu.

Please note that bus places are allocated on a first come first served basis and on some routes, spaces are limited.  If you have any questions regarding a bus route please email

New Academic Year bus registration requests are collated and bus place confirmation emails are sent out during the Summer Term. 

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We use text messages to communicate any urgent notices to pupils and parents relating to KETA Buses.  If your child already has a mobile phone number please provide this below.

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Note: If you are a parent of a pupil who has not yet joined KES, please select "New KES Pupil" from the Pupil's Year Group drop down list.

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For a full list of KETA bus routes, stops and route maps please refer to the left hand menu before selecting Route and Stop below

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Note: Multiple route or part time bus usage can only be accommodated if sufficient spaces are available (and may have to be revoked should a full time user require a space).

Please note that a full term's notice in advance must be given to cancel a bus place. Please refer to FAQ section for further information.

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