KETA Transport


Q How can I apply for a place on a KETA Bus?

A If you are parent of KES pupil (or your son/daughter is joining in the forthcoming academic year) please complete the online Bus Registration Form

Q When will I know that a place has been allocated?

A Places are allocated in strict order of receipt of the online Bus Registration Form.  It is normally possible to confirm allocations for the forthcoming academic year in the second half of the Summer Term via email.  Applications for a place during an academic year are dealt with immediately.

Q What happens if a space is not available?

A We operate a Waiting List for those bus routes that are at full capacity.  As soon as a space exists registrants will be informed. The final list of those returning to school is not known until after the publication of the GCSE and A-Level results in August. 

Q What happens if space is still not available for the start of term?

A It may be possible to allocate a space on another route which runs close to the preferred route, until a space becomes available on the first preference route.  Alternatively, your details can be added to a waiting list.

Q How are the bus fares collected?

A Bus fares are collected termly, in advance.  Fare details are available to view in the KETA Transport Information Booklet.

Q If I decide to leave the bus scheme how much notice is required?

A A full term's notice, in writing via letter or email, to the Head of Operations is required.  Please refer to the KETA Terms & Conditions.

Q My son/daughter is due to take his/her driving test this year - what notice do I need to give?

A If your child is due to take their driving test (and therefore leave the KETA bus service) please advise us in writing or by email at the beginning of the academic year in which the driving test is due to ensure that you are not charged a full term’s notice.  Please note that if your child passes their driving test mid-term, bus fares already paid for a term are non-refundable.

Q How do I apply for a Temporary Bus Pass?

A Temporary Bus Passes are issued subject to availability, for one-off and ad-hoc bus use only.  Existing KETA bus users may request Temporary Bus Passes for a different bus route on a particular day and time at no additional cost.  

Pupils not currently registered on the KETA Bus Service will be charged a standard one way bus fare for all bus routes.  This standard charge will be displayed on the Temporary Bus Pass Form.

All requests for Temporary Bus Passes must be made by a Parent / Guardian using the online Temporary Bus Pass Form.   

Temporary Bus Passes will be issued via Text / SMS message to Pupil mobile phones. 

A minimum of 48 hours' notice is required for processing temporary passes.

Q How does the bus driver know who can be carried?

A Each pupil is provided with a KES Pupil ID card which contains details of the bus route(s) that they are assigned to. Cards are checked periodically by the bus drivers.

Q What if I lose my ID Card?

A A replacement ID Card can be obtained from the Main Office for a fee of £5.

Q If I have a complaint about the bus, its driver or general behaviour, who should I contact?

A Contact the Director of Operations, either by email to or by phone.  Please do not contact the bus companies directly, we will do that on your behalf.

Q If the bus is very late in the morning what will happen?

A Regrettably buses do occasionally suffer from mechanical failure or traffic delays, which may cause a delay. Each bus company is contracted to run a bus whatever the time, which means that buses will always run the timetabled route even if very late, as long as road conditions permit.

If the School is informed within sufficient time a text message will be sent to parents and pupils (where a mobile number has been provided) advising them of the situation.  Please refer to Item 15 on the Terms & Conditions.

Q How do pupils get home if they stay behind for an after school club?

A There is a Late Bus Service available to all registered users of the KETA Bus Service.  Late buses depart from School each evening at 17:30 hrs, except for last day of each term, Open Evening and Sports Day.

Q Does the late bus drop off at each morning pick-up point?

A No. The Late Bus Service operates separate bus routes to the day time routes.  Late buses do not have the same drop off points as the morning or afternoon buses, but are intended to save parents the drive into Southampton during rush hour.  Late buses will only stop (at a designated stop) if requested by passengers as they board the bus.  We unable to specify stop times as it is dependent upon the passenger requirements each day and traffic.

Q I am parent of a Richard Taunton Sixth Form College student, how do I apply for a place on the KETA Bus Service?

A Please refer to the section entitled Richard Taunton College Students for full details on how to apply for a place.