KETA Transport

Terms and Conditions

  1. King Edward VI School acts solely as an agent and only arranges on the passengers' behalf for a bus company to transport pupils to and from the school.
  2. The transport is provided by a bus company and is subject to it’s Terms and Conditions. Details of these Terms can be obtained from the appropriate company concerned.
  3. Any failure by the bus company to provide a transport service will not entitle a passenger to any refund.
  4. Whilst every effort is made for transport to be fitted with seat belts, buses used for commercial use may not be fitted.
  5. Detailed travel arrangements may change from time to time as the geographic distribution of pupils varies or road conditions alter, and will be at the discretion of the school.
  6. The school cannot be held in any way responsible for items of lost property and bus companies should be contacted directly for recovery of lost property.
  7. Bus fares are charged termly, in advance, and are collected with school fees. An indication of daily fares can be found on the website (here). There will be no discounts for reduced use of KETA buses at any time.
  8. Fares for a full term will be charged unless notice to leave the KETA service is provided in writing or by email before the start of the previous term (i.e. a full term’s notice must be given).
  9. If a pupil is due to take their driving test (and therefore leave the KETA service) parents must advise us in writing or by email at the beginning of the academic year in which the driving test is due to ensure that a full term’s notice is not charged.
  10. The school will always try and accommodate pupils who wish to use more than one bus route ("multi route user"). However, should a full time place be required we may have to ask multi route users to relinquish their place to accommodate all passengers.
  11. Multi route users will be charged a termly fare for the route and stop which has the higher daily fare. This is because each bus route place is reserved on a full time basis even though it may only be used on a part-time basis.
  12. The School reserves the right to move existing bus stop(s) to an alternative route(s) in order to accommodate passengers.
  13. Pupils are able to travel on different routes to which they are registered provided that there is sufficient space available. Permission is given via a Temporary Bus Pass – see FAQs.
  14. Students of Richard Taunton Sixth Form College are able to use the KETA Service where spaces are available. Please refer to Richard Taunton College Students page for further information.
  15. The School does not operate systems to monitor traffic disruptions and transport delays. The main office opens at 08:00am. If the School has been notified of any delays a SMS message will be sent to parents and pupils once the office is open.
  16. The KETA service provided is limited to the above. Safety and behaviour of the pupils remains, at all times, during their carriage between home and school, the responsibility of Parents/Guardians.