Languages - Classics


In the Classics Department we aim to preserve the best of traditional language teaching, but to present it in a way that is interesting and enjoyable to young people today, using a lively modern approach and a dedicated team of dynamic specialist teachers. The cultural context is of vital importance here, helping to emphasise the relevance of the classical world to the present day, both linguistically and culturally.

From Latin and Mythology in the First Year to the study of Classical Civilisation and Latin in the Sixth Form, we seek to open up the classical world to all who are interested, allowing them to be stimulated and stretched by ideas, art, language and literature that have such an abiding influence on our own lives.



On Thursday 2nd February the 3rd Greek and 4th Year Classical Civilisation sets went up to the British Museum. Here we were given an informative and lively talk on the Parthenon marbles in the gallery. Students were kept busy, finding various scenes from the great procession for Athena which is depicted on the frieze. Students were also able to explore independently and enjoyed the Egyptian and Assyrian galleries in particular.

January 17th: A great day of Classical Lectures by William Lawrence. The Second Years were presented with the exciting story of Odysseus. We then had a friendly departmental lunch followed by a tour around London's classical references.


  1. This is superb. Well done all those involved in such a flourishing department.

    Posted by CE Giles, 30/11/2018 at 09:13