Languages - Classics

Oxbridge success

The department has had a good deal of success with supporting students who apply to Oxford and Cambridge:

2009: Jenni Butler (Latin and Greek):  Classics at Oxford

2009: Grace Potter (Latin and Greek): Chinese at Oxford

2009: Ed Peveler (Latin): Ancient History at Oxford

2009: Polyanna Wigley (Latin): Arabic at Oxford

2012: Adam Diaper (Greek and Latin): History and English at Oxford

2015 Curtis Crowley (Latin): Classics at Oxford

2016: Iona Todd (Latin):  Classics at Oxford

2017:  Susannah Hill (Greek):  Law at Cambridge

2018: Tabitha Traill (Classical Civilisation) : History at Oxford

2019: Charlotte Saudek (Latin): Classics at Cambridge

2020: Charis Saer (Latin): Linguistics at Cambridge