Languages - Classics


In the Classics Department we aim to preserve the best of traditional language
teaching, but to present it in a way that is interesting and enjoyable to young
people today, using a lively modern approach and a dedicated team of dynamic
specialist teachers. The cultural context is of vital importance here, helping to
emphasise the relevance of the classical world to the present day, both
linguistically and culturally.
From Latin and Mythology in the First Year to the study of Classical Civilisation,
Classical Greek and Latin in the Sixth Form, we seek to open up the classical world
to all who are interested, allowing them to be stimulated and stretched by ideas,
art, language and literature that have such an abiding influence on our own lives.
Using state of the art technology within school and a variety of field trips outside,
to Greece and Italy, Bath and Dartmoor, theatres and villas, we challenge students
to engage in independent thinking about the subject whilst providing a thorough
support system through the daily Classics Clinics.
Boris Johnson, when questioned about how useful he has found his Classics
degree, said: “It not only opens your eyes to the treasures of ancient literature, but
you also learn an intellectual discipline you never lose. The great thing about it is
that it is not vocational. There is no particular career that you are being channelled