Languages - Classics

Winchester Cathedral Latin Inscriptions

Fourth Year Latinists spent the morning of Friday 6th February immersed in the Roman and Latin heritage of the city. Firstly students explored the small museum with its artefacts from Sparsholt Roman Villa. A group of them, after dressing themselves in a range of togas and tunics, made a film about the life of Caecilius which will hopefully appear soon on the website. Following this they were taken on a guided tour of some of the more fascinating Latin inscriptions in the cathedral, given by ex-Head of Classics, Phil Ferris. Of particular interest and sadness were the memorial stones to a local doctor and his four children who all died as small infants. There was an opportunity for the students to test some of their Latin skills although the grammar of some of the inscribers was not always accurate: a wrong form of the accusative was used by one! This is a wonderful chance for students to see Latin in action locally and to learn something of the development of Winchester.