Languages - French

Sixth Form French

Studying French in the Sixth Form can be both challenging and rewarding. Students combine French with a wide variety of subjects and most aspire to being fluent French speakers by the end of the Upper Sixth. KES students realise the value of a foreign language and appreciate how well French can add to their overall profile and improve their chances of getting on to a good university course.

The French classes are deliberately small, allowing for considerable individual attention and a great deal of lively interaction. Each class has a team of teachers during the two week cycle and each individual student has a 25 minute lesson with our two French assistants every week. Students are encouraged to take part in the bi-annual trip to Montpellier in April.

Upper Sixth students sit the AQA Linear A Level examination and use the AQA French A Level (Oxford) as their textbook. They are also provided with the digital resource Kerboodle where they can access the textbook digitally and find further resources to support their learning. We are also using the online course 'attitudes 16' to support the A level specification. Students are encouraged to borrow DVDs from the French department on a regular basis and to read French magazines and watch the French news. The Individual Research Project requires students to work independently on something of interest connected to a French speaking country and we aim to encourage this independent worth ethic from the start of the Lower Sixth.

Students find that they make remarkable progress on entering the Lower Sixth and thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to develop their knowledge of France alongside their linguistic skills. Once in the Upper Sixth, students study a French film and a book and soon find their French moves up another level as a result.

French teachers work closely together and aim to ensure that every individual student receives the attention that he/she requires and that the course is delivered in a lively and purposeful manner.