Languages - French

French Assistants

French students at KES will have the opportunity to work with our two Language Assistants. Their main role is to give pupils – both individually and in small groups – regular, structured contact time with a native speaker. In so doing, they give valuable guidance in pronunciation and intonation, encourage the idiomatic use of language and make a major contribution to preparation for IGCSE and A-Level speaking tests. They bring the reality of contact with speakers of other languages into the daily lives of our pupils. 

In the Upper School each French group is assigned a period a fortnight to work with our language assistants. In the Fifth Year students get a further 25 minute opportunity during their directed study periods to speak in groups of two or three with an assistant. These are valuable and essential opportunities to practise and improve their speaking ahead of the IGCSE.

In the Sixth Form, each individual student has a 25 minute lesson with each language assistant, alternating each week. This allows students to interact and speak with different native French speakers on a regular basis. It is a great advantage to prepare for the A-level oral exam in this way.