Languages - General

Languages - General

Welcome to the Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages and Classics at KES!

We are a friendly body of teachers, who work with pupils in all year groups in a range of subjects, and we hope we bring excitement, passion and rigour to our lessons.  During a pupil's time at KES, we aim to inculcate a love of the ancient and modern cultures which gave birth to our various languages, but never forget the importance of technical mastery.  We recognise that a good handle on grammar inspires creativity and opens the door to fluent communication.  Our Faculty objectives are as follows:

  • To foster the enjoyment of language learning.
  • To develop each pupil to his or her potential in the use and understanding of modern foreign languages at a level appropriate to the learner’s experience.
  • To promote understanding and appreciation of the cultures and ways of life of other countries.
  • To promote the importance of learning languages as an essential life-skill for the future

All pupils should reach their linguistic potential, not least those who want to take their learning beyond A-Level.  It is for this reason that we provide support clinics alongside extension sessions, and have developed an excellent co-curricular programme of trips, talks and clubs.

We hope that you enjoy finding out more about what we offer, using the menu links to help you navigate our area of the website.