Languages - General

Mandarin Chinese

In a world where the importance of Chinese is growing exponentially, KES recognises the importance of offering our pupils the chance to study Mandarin alongside our more traditional European offerings.  Those who take up this fantastic opportunity are at an advantage in the business world and when it comes to applying for top universities.  Therefore, we offer the following courses, all of which are taught by a native Chinese specialist, Mrs Deng:

An Upper Sixth course (the AQA Mandarin Unit Award Scheme) for students in their final year, which takes place during the Autumn and Spring Terms as part of the Foundation Studies programme.

An Upper School and Lower Sixth course (the AQA Mandarin Unit Award Scheme) for our Fourth Year, Fifth Year and Lower Sixth pupils, which takes place after school on Tuesdays from 4.05pm to 5pm.

A Lower School continuation club on Tuesday lunchtimes from 1.30pm to 2pm, for those pupils who wish to build on the Chinese they have already learnt.

A Lower School beginners' club on Tuesday lunchtimes from 1pm to 1.30pm, for those pupils wishing to have a go at an exciting new language.

For more information, speak to Mrs Deng, or send an e-mail.