Languages - General

Native speakers

The KES student community is a very diverse one in which many languages are represented.  We receive regular requests from pupils who wish to earn formal qualifications in their native tongue.

Typically, pupils are either home tutored or are taught by other native speakers.  Provided that they are appropriately prepared in all the relevant skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) for the public examination they wish to take, they are able to use KES as an examination centre. 

In the first instance, any enquiries regarding public examinations at KES in minority languages by native or semi-native speakers should be directed to Mr Jepson, who can be reached by e-mail here.

It may also be helpful to contact the Community Language Service in Southampton.  They provide extra classes for children from minority ethnic communities in Southampton, Portsmouth and Hampshire to help them learn their heritage languages.  The service can help bilingual learners to gain qualifications in community languages by arranging suitable venues for classes and by providing books and teaching materials.  Teacher training is also provided for tutors.  Although a voluntary contribution is encouraged, no fee is charged for the classes.  More information can be found here, or by contacting Kalvinder Garewal at Southampton City Council by e-mail.