Languages - General

University of Southampton visits

As one of our local universities, the University of Southampton invite several KES pupils every year to attend one of their Modern Languages events.  They are aimed at pupils at different stages of their careers, and give them time away from School to dedicate their thinking to all matters linguistic.

Lower Sixth 'Why Languages Matter' Conference 2019

On Wednesday, 17th January, six members of the Lower Sixth visited the University of Southampton to attend the annual 'Why Languages Matter' conference.  The day consisted of a range of lectures and lessons, and it was engaging for our students and for Mr Ayers and Mrs Brown, who accompanied the group.  We hope to send our 2019-20 Sixth Formers to the event next year!

Year 8 Able Linguist Day 2018

On Wednesday 13th June, ten Second Years, along with Mr Jepson and Mrs Lupton, attended the Year 8 Able Linguist Day at the Avenue Campus of the University of Southampton.  In the morning, there were workshops in French, German or Spanish on the theme of ‘Wearable Technology’.  Part of the workshop involved pupils designing and producing their own poster for a competition, in which Barnaby Saer’s group won the German Highly Commended prize.  In the afternoon, a range of taster sessions was on offer in Italian, Portuguese and Mandarin.  One pupil said it was fascinating to see how different languages can be, and another said she now feels inspired to become fluent in a language.  The day was certainly enjoyed by all!