Languages - German

Lower School curriculum

German in the current First Year (Year 7) is studied as the chosen core Modern Language by one form, who use the Stimmt! 1 textbook. This form studies Stimmt! 2 in the Second Year and Stimmt! 3 in the Third Year, before continuing their IGCSE studies in the Upper School.

German is also a Modern Language Two (ML2) option for beginners in the Second Year (Year 8). Pupils study Stimmt! 1 and Stimmt! 2,  after which they can continue the language to IGCSE, to be taken at the end of the Fifth Year (Year 11).

Pupils are set approximately half an hour of work per week to be completed outside the classroom. This will usually include written assignments and vocabulary learning. Staff are careful to ensure that deadlines for the submission of work are realistic in view of pupils' commitments.

Written work is marked by teachers as soon as possible after it is completed. All mistakes are indicated, and all are corrected by the teacher except those which, in the teacher's opinion, the pupil concerned can easily and accurately correct him or herself, or those which the teacher considers unimportant at the learner's linguistic level. Pupils' correction of written work is done according to the instructions of each individual teacher, and with the aim of increasing accuracy and range of written expression. There is deliberate flexibility here, to allow for the most appropriate method to be used according to each pupil's needs.

The Modern Languages departments follow School policy on recording and reporting. Two written reports are sent to parents each year. Parents also have the opportunity to meet their child's teacher at least once a year at a parents' evening. In addition to the continuous recording of achievement in individual teachers' mark books, regular formal and informal assessments are carried out in each language and results are monitored by Heads of Department.