Languages - Italian

Languages - Italian


The teaching of Italian at King Edward's has been introduced in recent years to students in the Third Year. This beginner's course gives learners a feel for the sounds and flow of the language, develops competence in grammar, and introduces vocabulary for everyday topics. Following a successful first year, students can continue their study of Italian to IGCSE. Whilst a challenging course, it is an excellent opportunity for keen linguists who wish to build on their knowledge of Romance languages and Latin, and acquire one of the world's most beautiful, musical languages. 

The language is taught in a communicative way, and Italian is the language used for instruction and communication, as far as is practicable. The course is topic based, but equally focuses on excellent grammar acquisition and skills development, and all students are encouraged to participate actively.  An awareness of tradition and culture of the country is also fostered.

Students have use of excellent online resources on their ipads, and will learn from a range of up to date materials via the interactive white board in the classroom, using Amici and the Amici D'Italia courses.  Fortnightly, or weekly in the Fifth Year, speaking sessions with our native speaking assistant also give the opportunity to practise what has been learnt in class.

Every February, a trip is organised to Italy. This year we alternated our usual trip to Florence with an inaugural trip to Milan and had a fantastic time learning Italian, marvelling at the development of fashion and design which the city has to offer, and increasing our cultural and artistic awareness of a really buzzing zone of Italy; not to mention the panzerotti....! However, we are getting excited about returning to Florence in February 2019. For details, please see the Trips and Visits section.