Languages - Spanish

Lower School Spanish

Pupils entering the School in the First Year who choose to study Spanish will find themselves in classes of about twenty-two pupils. They will study Spanish for five periods over a two week cycle and will use the text book ‘Viva 1’. In addition, the pupils will have access to further material through the School's website and will use ICT on a regular basis to help with their language learning. As they move into the Second and Third Years, they will progress to ‘Viva 2’ and ‘Viva 3’ and will use the relevant course on the School's website.

In the Second Year, they will be asked to try out an additional foreign language and some will start Spanish as their second foreign language. They too will follow the ‘Viva’ course.

It is our aim that all pupils will arrive at the end of the Third Year feeling that they have made a good start in Spanish. At this stage, they may choose to continue with Spanish and/or the other language that they have studied. This system allows pupils the chance to continue with the language that they enjoy most or to continue with two languages feeling confident about their studies.