Languages - Spanish

Events and Trips

The Spanish department organises various trips during the year, catering for the majority of year groups. In the First and Second year there is a trip in the summer term, which takes our students to Catalonia for 5 days. For the Third and Fourth years there is the opportunity to take part in a Homestay programme, in Córdoba, again for 5 days.The pupils stay in pairs with host families and attend language lessons in a specialist language school. In the Sixth Form a study trip is organised to Salamanca where students also attend a language school for a week. 

There's also a number of co-curricular events taking place throughout the year which may involve different year groups We are dependant on what's on offer at the cinema and theatre, or if there is an appropriate study day available for example, but a trip to the theatre in London to see a play in Spanish in the Autumn term is becoming the norm nowadays, having now watched 3 Lorca plays in as many years.

Here you will find all the letters, itineraries, etc. If you would like to see some photos please click on Gallery.