Languages - Spanish

Students' Work

These are some examples of work done by KES pupils at different levels. Click below...

Holiday postcards from 4*1

Presentations from Third years: the Spanish speaking world

Sevilla- Adele Congreve, Sophie Cowan and Celia Brabazon

Méjico- Joseph Ho

Ibiza- Will Read, Andre Roman, Nick Dodd

Colombia- Oliva Keefe

Venezuela- Michael Wong

Centro América y el Caribe- Katie Arden-Jones, Jemima Sullivan

El País Vasco- Callum Jacob

Madrid y Cataluña- Max Smith and Sam Gavin

Cataluña y Galicia- Luka Thomas and Sienna Mandair

Fiestas- Ava Neilson, Nell Sarton, and Sophie Murray-Dryden

Fernando Alonso- Sam Gavin

Ruth Beitia- Claudia Hargreaves

Rafael Nadal- Oliver Wilkinson (video)

La moda- Nic Simons

La moda- Sam Tyson

Sports magazine designed by 1-5

A podcast about television by Abbi Tebb 

Leaflets about KES from the 4th years:

Mi colegio y las reglas de KES- Abbi Tebb

Mi colegio- Ryan Nguyen

Fashion magazines from the 3rd years:

Revista de moda para chicas - Evie Davison, Yasmine Dando and Eloise Muller

Revista de moda para chicos- Bruno Jesney, George Coltart and Mickey Johnson.

Leaflets about "Your town" and "your school" from the 4th years:

Londres- Tom Rugge-Price

Mi ciudad- Bronwen Lee 

Londres- and Mi colegio-  Madeleine Collins

Mi escuela- Matt Livingstone


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