Library & Resources


Our Library & Resources Centre contains a wealth of information of general interest and to help with subject research. Please follow the links on the left for more detailed information.

The functions of the Library & Resources Centre and its staff are to: 

  1. Support the aims of King Edward VI School.
  2. Maintain a collection of appropriate resources to support teaching and learning within the School, at all ability levels.
  3. Ensure that the resources may be easily accessed by users.
  4. Promote the LRC, both within the School and via the LRC Web Site.
  5. Stock resources to stimulate leisure interests and personal reading of staff and students.
  6. Build positive attitudes to reading, books, learning and information and communications technology.
  7. Assist in the delivery of the curriculum and collaborate with teaching staff.
  8. Provide an appropriate environment for learning, including facilities for using a variety of media.
  9. Support the development of learning skills from all available media.
  10. Liaise with other libraries and monitor current good practice.

 N.J. Swainson, Learning Resources Manager