External Competition Results by Year

The Department offers pupils the opportunity to participate in a range of external competitions including:

National Senior Mathematics Competition

At the end of November, Sixth Form pupils are encouraged to enter for the National Mathematics Competition, organised by the University of Leeds. The test requires students to answer 25 multiple choice questions in 1.5 hours, and successful candidates are awarded gold, silver or bronze certificates. The competition is used as a sieve for the first round of the British Mathematics Olympiad, which takes place later in November and requires students to tackle 5 questions in 3.5 hours. Success leads to a year's free subscription to the Mathematics Gazette and a possible invitation to enter for subsequent rounds of the BMO.

Senior Team Challenge

Jointly organised by the UKMT and Further Maths Support Programme; this is a competition testing mathematical, communication and teamwork skills. Teams are generally made up of two Lower Sixth and two Upper Sixth pupils, although 5th Year pupils may be eligible. Success in the Regional Competition leads to entry into the National Final. The KES team reached the National Final in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

National Intermediate Mathematics Competition

This February test of 25 multiple choice questions in 1 hour in intended for Years 9, 10 and 11, though younger
students may participate. The most successful participants are invited to enter follow on rounds (Kangaroo and Olympiad).

Intermediate Team Challenge

This is a competition involving two students each from Year 8 and Year 9. It is usually held in the Spring Term and is run along similar lines as the Senior Team Challenge. KES generally enters two team, one of the teams being a joint team with Stroud School. The KES team reached the National Final in 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015.

4th Year Mathematical Circle Event

 A new event for 2016. The UKMT invited fifty able young mathematicians from schools across Hampshire to attend this enrichment event held at St Swithun’s School over two days, in October, giving them the opportunity to investigate new mathematical topics ranging from the abstract, such as ideas around proof, curve sketching and fractals, to real world problems, such as the analysis of volcanic eruptions and data compression.

Year 10 Maths Feast

A team competition testing mathematical, team working and communication skills. This is organised on a regional basis with over 70 events taking place across England in February and March.

Hampshire Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses

These are a series of five Saturday morning workshops run at the University of Southampton for mathematically able students in the Third Year. They are designed to inspire and engage young people in mathematics outside of the normal curriculum. Two students are nominated to attend.

National Junior Mathematics Competition

This April test of 25 multiple choice questions in 1 hour is intended for Years 7 and 8. Follow on rounds take place
in June for the most successful participants.

Hampshire Schools Challenge

This is a competition organised by Southampton University where students are given problems to work through during the Easter holiday and then submit their solutions to the University. A number of pupils across all year groups have successfully entered this competition since its start in 2012.