Not Current - Puzzle Spot 2016

November 2016 Puzzle Spot - Scroll Down for results!

This takes place over five consecutive school days with a new puzzle released each day.  Aim to solve the puzzle and submit your solution as quickly as you can.

Electronic copies of the puzzle can be found below.  You will need to print this off and hand in your solution to the LRC or a maths teacher.  

Prizewinners : 

Overall : 1st C.Venable (47 Points)

               2nd L. Davis (25 Points)

               3rd J.Lam (19 Points) 

Monday :  A.Everest,  C.Venable, K.Xie, J.Lam

Tuesday : L.Davis, Prep Squad, C.Venable, G.Hoile

Wednesday : C. Venable, A.Everest, J.Mills, A.Nicolescu

Thursday :  C.Venable S.Venable, P.Lotery, C.Lotery

Friday : C.Venable, P.Lotery, C.Lotery, R.Scott

Results of all students with 5 correct entries : 

C. Venable  47

L. Davis  25

J.Lam  19

P.Lotery  18

C.Lotery  17

Duncan U-H  8

R. Scott  7

T. Mitchell  5

(Points were awarded for the first 10 correct entries received :  10 points for 1st down to 1 point for 10th)

Number of Entries :   Mon-24    Tue-25   Wed-23   Thu-19   Fri-9