Pre A level Summer holiday task

A link to the holiday task material may be found here.

Calculators in the new A levels for Mathematics from 2017

The requirements for Mathematics and Further Mathematics state that calculators MUST include the following features:

  • an iterative function
  • the ability to compute summary statistics and access probabilities from standard statistical distributions, particularly being able to calculate Binomial and Normal probabilities directly from values
  • the ability to perform calculations with matrices (FM ONLY)

The minimum standard for this is an advanced scientific calculator such as Casio 991EX ClassWiz

However graphical calculators have these abilities together with the additional advantage of being able to plot and manipulate graphs of functions. Recommended are

  • Casio fx CG-50
  • Casio fx-9860 or Casio fx-9750
  • TI-Nspire CX

Any of the above calculators will be suitable for the course. Staff are familiar with these models and will generally be using the Classwiz, the CG50 or the TI-nspire. Please ensure that you do not buy a CAS enabled calculator as these are not permitted in the examinations.