A-level Music

Sixth Form A level Music offers an enjoyable and logical extension of the elements of Music studied for GCSE, we shall follow the specification offered by OCR. The details of the course are shown below: -

A Level Music

Unit 1 Performing
A solo recital together with a choice of a further recital on a second instrument, playing in an ensemble or performing an own composition. 

Unit 2 Composing
Exercises in melody and harmony and an original composition or arrangement. This is coursework.

Unit 3 Historical Study
This includes aural work, studying set works chosen by the Awarding Body and the study of music from the classical and Jazz repertoire. This is assessed in a two-hour written examination.

It will be seen that the three elements from GCSE are maintained, and that the Performing and Composing elements are studied and assessed as coursework. Only the Historical Topics papers are assessed as a written examination.

The course will be exciting and challenging, allowing candidates to work to their strengths. It will be a welcome contrast to other academic subjects that offer less scope for creativity.