Junior Spring Concert 2019

February opened our celebration large scale concerts beginning with the Junior Spring Concert in the Dobson Theatre. Performances from our Lower School musicians, with additional Fourth Year chamber and solo performers showcasing their musical talents and creative skill. The combination of solo, chamber, choral and ensemble performances made the programme wonderfully rich and varied. It was a delight to hear such diverse repertoire as a Chopin Nocturne performed alongside Pulled from the Addams Family! Chamber Ensembles ranged from a recorder consort to a piano and cello duo. The Swing Band ended our evening with a fun filled showstopper from The Jungle Book. All performers should be immensely proud of their achievements, performing on the stage of the Dobson Theatre for such a special occasion. It was an inspiring evening. To quote composer Malcolm Arnold "Music is the social act of communication among people, a gesture of friendship, the strongest there is."