Music While You Lunch February 2020

The Spring term is always an exciting time in the Music Department calendar. It is at this point in the academic year that our students begin to reap the rewards of their diligent rehearsal and study of pieces they were introduced to at the beginning the Autumn term. The Music While You Lunch Concert, hosted on 7th February 2020 welcomed a wide range of musicians from First Year through to Sixth Form, who performed in a range of styles for their audience to enjoy.

Our first performance was from Joshua Lam, who shared Sonata in E Major (Movement II Allegro by the great J. S. Bach. This beautiful but technically demanding piece showcased Joshua’s flawless tuning and understanding of the ornamentation of the Baroque Era. This was followed by a emotive and sensitive performance of Nuvole Bianche by Einaudi by James King, whose enjoyment for the piece rang out through his piano playing.

Lulu Darrer, our first singer of the event, sang a beautiful rendition of Trade Winds by Fredrick Keel, bringing the haunting imagery to life with her expressive dyanmics and carefully placed diction. Our second flautist of the concert, Lusin Melikyan gave an excellent performance of Moonlit Blue by Blaz Ducihar. Her clarity of tone in the highest octaves, and excellent breath control were a delight to behold.

Fresh off the success of winning the KES Music Competition, Edward Bence treated the audience to a performance of Prelude and Fugue in E Major from J. S. Bach’s famous Well Tempered Clavier Book 2. Once again, Edward entertained the audience with a highly skilled rendition, completely with attention to detail of the features of the Baroque Era. Always popular, Bach made a third appearance in our concert through the choice of Nathan Yam. Nathan’s performance of Gigue No.3 in E Major showed off the warm tonal qualities of the violin, and an impressive, complex melody.

Georgina Wheeler, our final pianist, performed Alone At Sunset by Walter Carroll. Her performance brought the imagery of the sunset to life, with clear dynamic contrasts at a well-chosen tempo. Sophie Roe closed our concert singing Breathe by Lin-Manuel Miranda. The narrative lyrics, and first person perspective were characterised by Sophie, drawing the audience into the story, showcasing Sophie’s excellent Musical Theatre skills. The concert was highly enjoyable, and instilled great excitement in preparation for both the Junior and Senior Spring Concerts to follow!