Miss Forsey Plays the Goldbergs 

Creative and ambitious challenges during lockdown have been on the go in the KES community throughout this School year.

From a play along orchestral performance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, piano duets, virtual choirs, to jazz performances, Pachelbel’s Canon and a Music While You Lockdown Concert….we have been busy keeping our community inspired and creative.

This latest lockdown challenge came from one teacher's desire to learn a piece they had long neglected. Bach’s Goldberg Variations are a collection of extremely masterful and stunningly beautiful variations in G major. The variations are encased in an Aria performed at the beginning and end of the performance. With the help of pupils who were up for the challenge, we set about learning variations and putting together the work. We worked at home and joined together each week to catch-up, share progress and critique.

The piano takes on the role of a four part choir, a full orchestra and harpsichord in this virtuosic theme and variations. Students had to learn how each finger balances an individual singing voice to become part of a whole and there is nowhere to hide with exceptionally ornate and delicate ornamentation to add.