London Mozart Players & KES Chamber Orchestra Concert 2021

KES Chamber Orchestra & London Mozart Players Side by Side Concert

The KES Chamber Orchestra comprises our most advanced and talented string players. This ensemble first formed as a Chamber Orchestra in 2018 under the baton of Miss Forsey with a drive to perform the best that string orchestral repertoire can offer. The ensembles first performance of this kind was with the Westminster Chamber Orchestra in October 2018. The ensemble spent the day experiencing exactly what a professional orchestral musician would do in a day of rehearsals and concerts. This proved so rewarding that we have returned to build on this with the renowned London Mozart Players.

KES musicians have been working on this concert programme since last term. The requirements of the repertoire are not only extremely technically demanding but emotionally so. The phrasing and sophistication of the intricate musical material requires a great musical maturity. The KES Chamber Orchestra have of course risen to this challenge without hesitation and positive enthusiasm. Their rehearsal mantra is usually “the faster the better!”

After rehearsing both as a whole group and then in instrumental sectionals, KES students were ready to take on the concert and shine with their extreme professionalism and sense of community. Actively engaging with producing the music is the best form of well-being and mindfulness we could ask for and the audience were given a real treat. The day was a particular highlight because at every step our students could chat with the London Mozart Player’s professionals, get tips, advice and feedback with each bow stroke. It was such a joy to see creativity flourish at this high level and huge congratulations go to the KES Chamber Orchestra for their wonderful work. Particular thanks too go to their families for supporting and enabling this event.