Music Competition 2022

A day filled with wonderful showcases, exquisite performances and beautiful musicality, the Department came alive with the sound of the 2022 Music Competition today! 

With 30 mesmerizing performances to enjoy, no one would have envied the job of adjudicator Julian Clarkson in his duty to select runners-up and winners from such brilliant performers. Julian was filled with praise for the musicians and gave everyone who participated one-to-one feedback after they showcased their repertoire, making the event feel even more special with the personalized attention only live performance can bring. 

Every performer was a delight and although winners Freya (Grade V-VII category) and Tom (Grade VIII+ category) were awarded the trophies, the competition also had four runners up to celebrate too. Ozan and Ben (Grade V-VII category) alongside Sophie and Rosa (Grade VIII+ category) were named for their impressive technique and musicianship. 

Congratulations to everybody was very much the theme of the event however as every performance was truly special. The performers were composed, elegant, engaging and musically confident. It was a treat to be in the audience. Thank you to everyone who took part and made the event so memorable.