Instrumental Service

We currently provide well over 450 vocal and instrumental lessons a week and have a dedicated team of 32 visiting instrumental teachers. Lessons are individual and last for 30 minutes and students receive approximately 30 lessons a year. Lessons are available in the following instruments:

Double Bass
Drum kit
French Horn
Guitar (acoustic, electric, bass)

How to Support Your Child with Instrumental lessons

In this PowerPoint, our Director of Music outlines some useful tips to support your child with their practise for instrumental lessons.

A personal view and some advice from one of our VMTs on the subject of practise:

For further information regarding the benefits of musical study and participation please take a look at the slides from our New Parents Evening 2021:


Pupils are required to provide their own instrument. Alternative arrangements can be made at school for the pupils requiring use of percussion or a double bass.


In the Upper School and Sixth Form, students' lessons take place before or after school, or during lunchtime or study periods. In the Lower School, the majority of lessons are arranged on a rota basis, where students miss a different school lesson each week in order to have their music lesson. Pupils must ensure that they make up work as instructed by their class teachers so as to maintain progress in other subjects.


- The times of music lessons are different to the times of school lessons.

- Check your schedule of instrumental lessons against your academic timetable for the upcoming half term. If you are scheduled to miss the same academic lesson more than once per half term, inform your instrumental teacher straight away so that a change can be made to avoid this.

- Check your lesson time weekly so that you can inform your class teacher in advance when you will be missing lessons.

- Inform your instrumental teacher if you need to cancel a lesson AT LEAST ONE WEEK in advance, e.g. because of a class test or school trip. It may be that your lesson can be rearranged but any lessons you miss without giving the required advanced warning may be charged for.

- If you are ill on the day of your lesson, please contact your instrumental teacher directly by no later than 8.30am.

Please note, if you wish to withdraw your child from instrumental lessons, you must contact the instrumental teacher directly, giving six week's notice of your intention to cease lessons.

Questions regarding instrumental lessons should be addressed to the Creative Arts Administrator who will be happy to help with enquiries.