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2017 A Level results

Congratulations to this year's Sixth Formers who have produced a set of outstanding A Level results.

100% of KES students in 2017 passed all of their A levels with an improvement on last year’s record results. 87% of all grades were at A*, A or B with over 61% at A* and A. 7 students have met their offers for the universities of Oxford and Cambridge and over four-fifths of the cohort will proceed to Russell Group universities.

Head Master, Julian Thould, comments:

“We are again delighted that our students have gained such excellent results, particularly given the additional challenge of linear A Levels. They show what persistent hard work and outstanding teaching can achieve. Congratulations go to all of those who leave King Edward’s for university after such well deserved success.”

Digniora awarded

Congratulations to Joshua Lam who has been awarded a digniora for English. Ms Gadsbey notes ‘Joshua wrote an impressive response to an unseen poem applying a consistently layered approach to language, structural and imagery techniques within the poem whilst weaving in contextual elements impacting on meaning. His work is certainly well above our expectations for a Lower School student and would be worthy of a top GCSE grade, made all the more impressive by the unseen nature of the poem.'

German Top 100 words competition

On 29th June, ten First and Second Year pupils competed in the first Top 100 German Words Competition.  A team of Fourth Year markers (Vaughan Clements, Xyla Taufaniska, Mikey Stevens and Seb Sheath) kept score whilst the competitors battled it out.  The competition was fierce but the eventual winners were:

First Prize Sophia Skenderis
Second Prize Hannah Procter
Third Prize Eloise Müller

Geography Field Trip to Osmington Bay

The Fourth Year geographers enjoyed a very sunny weekend on the Dorset coast. They spent the first day at Barton-on-Sea and Studland looking at coastal processes, coastal management and sand dune succession. The following two days were spent in the River Wey, measuring the characteristics of the river, and in Weymouth looking at settlement patterns and the impact of tourism on the town. The students worked incredibly hard in the sunshine and covered a huge amount of work in preparation for their Paper 4 IGCSE examination.

Dignioras and dignissimas awarded

Congratulations to Matthew Simmonds who has been awarded a digniora for Physics.  Dr Dean notes: ‘Matthew submitted a beautifully presented and very detailed report on the electromagnetic spectrum that contains physics well above that expected of a Third Year pupil. He managed to explain ideas normally met in Sixth Form Physics lessons as well as putting these into relevant contexts.’

Jeremy Hill has also received a digniora for French. Mrs Jones comments: ‘Jeremy produced an outstanding piece of writing for his end of year examination. This is worthy of a top grade at IGCSE and way beyond that which is expected of a pupil in the Third Year. This is the culmination of excellent work throughout the year and he is a linguist of the highest calibre.’

Trip to Butser Ancient Farm

First Year pupils have been visiting Butser Ancient Farm this week as part of their studies. The farm displays ongoing constructions of ancient buildings based on real sites, dating from the Stone Age through the Iron Age and Roman Britain, and finishing with the Anglo-Saxons.  They also grow crops from prehistory and keeps rare breeds of animals, including pigs, goats and sheep.  The trip provided a chance to try a real hands-on experience of these ancient ways of life.

Dignissimas for English awarded

Congratulations to Barnaby Taylor, Zofia Rogers and Daniel Simonini who have all been awarded dignissimas for English for producing some outstanding work based on their research of the history of the English Language. Miss Champion notes ‘their work was presented in a highly impressive manner and showed real interest and imagination in the subject well beyond the standard required.’

Biology Challenge results

This year, twenty KES students took part in the UK Biology Challenge achieving four Bronze, two Silver and seven Gold awards. Congratulations to Will Atherton, Will Barker, Ottilie Beal, Gus Berry, Adam Brodzki, Yuqing Chen, Charlie Griffiths, Joseph Linehan, Sarah MacLeod, Kira Morton, Charis Saer, Timothy Ward and Cherida Zhang. Sarah MacLeod also achieved the highest in school award.

Dignissimas awarded

This morning's assembly saw six dignissimas awarded.

Three students received the award for their Extended Studies projects.

Harriet Crompton received her award for her Extended Project dissertation. Mrs Costello-Kelly comments; 'Harriet completed an inspiring and strikingly original piece of work focused on her dance performance ‘The Struggle for Survival’. She worked independently throughout and in putting together this piece she demonstrated imagination, dedication, superb time management and organisational skills as well as developing her choreography. The accompanying write up and presentation were also completed to a very high standard.’

Tom Smart also received a dignissima for his dissertation on the subject of Tau proteins and their role in the development of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Mrs Costello-Kelly notes: 'Tom worked in a highly independent manner to produce a piece of work which was well-structured, meticulously researched and discussed biochemical concepts which were of a high undergraduate level.’

Digniora awarded

Congratulations to Amelia Harris who has been awarded a digniora for Religious Studies.

Mrs Searles notes: "Amelia produced an exceptional piece of work about the role of marriage and families within society today. There was much more detail and depth than would be expected at this level. It was a very mature and sophisticated piece of work."