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Digniora awarded

Congratulations to Charlotte Bassett who has been awarded a digniora for English.

Dr Schofield comments: "Charlotte's essay comparing the characters of Antonio and Shylock in The Merchant of Venice was an outstanding piece of work. She went way beyond the remit of a weekend homework and spent a huge amount of time researching the attitudes of sixteenth century Venetians towards foreigners: 'The biggest incongruity is that, despite being viewed as a culturally accepting society, Jews were confined to their own neighbourhood and were continually ostracised for their beliefs and money-lending'. The essay is full of insight, whether it is comparing Shylock's dehumanisation by the Venetians to the holocaust, or exploring what she calls an 'opt-group homogeneity effect' in the creation of outsiders in the play. It is a remarkable response for a Fifth Year."