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Dignioras awarded

Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded dignioras.

Tim Ward is awarded a digniora for English.  Ms Greenwood notes; 'Tim produced a piece of work which recreates the style of writer of the 19 Century to successfully deliver a neo-gothic tale of genuine atmospheric power. His astute manipulation of plot, dialogue and characterisation demonstrates skill and maturity well beyond his years.'

Jeremy Hill received his digniora for Latin. Mr Giles comments; 'Jeremy has demonstrated a sustained excellence in Classics and, in particular, in his two recent meticulously researched and superbly executed projects on Fishbourne Roman Palace and Roman Alexandria.'

Anna Aksenova, Suheera Ebrahim and Olivia Tilley were awarded dignioras for History. Mr Thould notes; 'In our First Year Castle competition all pupils produced outstanding motte and bailey castle models with each showing great attention to detail and a focus on historical veracity.'