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Dignioras and Dignissimas

Congratulations to the following students who have received awards.

Phoebe Hine is awarded a Dignissima for English. Mrs Hardwick comments, 'Phoebe has produced an essay on the pastoral genre which contained mature and sophisticated insights and assertions when contrasting the depiction of rural and urban life. The wide range of texts covered and connected through the genre is exemplary and shows what an accomplished wide reader she has become. Phoebe's work throughout the A2 year has been consistently outstanding. She shows she loves literature simply for its own sake.'

Suheera Ebrahim is awarded a Digniora for Geography. Mrs Penfold comments, 'She created an exceptional drainage basin model at home. It was extremely detailed and included all of the river features as well as a cross section showing the ground water flow and through flow. The materials used were unique and very well thought through and the artistic effects fantastic. Students from all year groups have been in awe of her work and the model will be put on display in the Crush Hall Cabinet.'

Georgia Tomlin is awarded a Digniora for English. Ms Greenwood notes, 'She produced a second piece of creative writing submitted for a Digniora this year which is testament to her unusual and prodigious talent that is steadily growing and developing. Georgia's command of vocabulary and her care when crafting her imagery are both well beyond her years.'

Christopher Seaby and Harry Ruprecht have both been awarded Dignissimas for Music Technology. Miss Anderson comments, ‘Chris has produced an outstanding coursework portfolio showing excellent attention to detail, a strong understanding of technological manipulation and an innate compositional flair. Harry has produced an excellent coursework portfolio showing strong compositional skills in its harmonic language, development and invention. He shows impressive attention to detail and innate musicality across all three pieces.’