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Dignioras and Dignissimas awarded

In assembly this morning, six students received dignissimas or dignioras.

Dignissimas were awarded to Hamish Traill and Ed Grinstead for Classics. Miss Jones comments; "Hamish and Ed made an impressive video blog about Roman foreign policy and the pax Romana. They drew on both primary and secondary sources and showed a deep understanding of political factors in the ancient world."

Tabitha Traill was also awarded a digniora for Classics for her essay comparing the lives of Spartan and Athenian women.  Her work showed a very mature understanding of complex cultural differences, her research was exemplary and her essay was of high quality.

Sam Webb has received a dignissima for Music Technology. Mrs Freemantle notes; "Over the last two terms, Sam has recorded, edited, mixed and mastered his recording of his song 'Let Her Go' to a very high, professional standard, demonstrating excellent skills of recording engineering and aural analysis as well as musical interpretation."

George Budden was awarded a digniora for Music. Mrs Freemantle comments; "George is to be congratulated on a highly creative GCSE composition showing an excellent understanding of the impact of modulation in a piece." Jordan Abbott was also awarded a digniora for Music for an excellent GCSE music composition showing an imaginative development of ideas and outstanding understanding of the Waltz genre.

Suheera Ebrahim received a Head Master’s Commendation for English. Mrs Gadsbey notes; "Suheera's research to give context for her study of the novel 'Private Peaceful' was both very detailed and highly creative."

Well done to all of these students for their hard work and achievements.