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Dignissimas awarded

This morning's assembly saw six dignissimas awarded.

Three students received the award for their Extended Studies projects.

Harriet Crompton received her award for her Extended Project dissertation. Mrs Costello-Kelly comments; 'Harriet completed an inspiring and strikingly original piece of work focused on her dance performance ‘The Struggle for Survival’. She worked independently throughout and in putting together this piece she demonstrated imagination, dedication, superb time management and organisational skills as well as developing her choreography. The accompanying write up and presentation were also completed to a very high standard.’

Tom Smart also received a dignissima for his dissertation on the subject of Tau proteins and their role in the development of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Mrs Costello-Kelly notes: 'Tom worked in a highly independent manner to produce a piece of work which was well-structured, meticulously researched and discussed biochemical concepts which were of a high undergraduate level.’

Eleanor Medlock produced a prototype canine prosthesis as her Extended Project. Mrs Costello-Kelly notes: 'Eleanor carried out a phenomenal amount of research and worked independently to create the finished artefact. The accompanying write up and presentation were completed with an equal degree of professionalism and went beyond the requirements of the specification.’

There were two further dignissimas awarded for Product Design.

Zoe Kyle-Henney designed and manufactured a high-quality floor lamp inspired by traditional oriental woodworking techniques for her AS coursework project. Miss Stone notes: ‘Zoe used a variety of hand cut joints that required exact precision to form a lattice work which was then covered with rice paper. The overall affect was impressive and Zoe showed outstanding dedication to the project.’

Alice McNicholas produced an outstanding outfit for her A level final assessment. Miss Stone remarks: ‘the range of technique used, from hand shaping wooden heels for a pair of shoes to marbling her own fabric for a fitted dress was outstanding. Her creativity and technical ability have developed to an incredibility high level over her time at the School.’

There was also a dignissima awarded for English Literature.

Eleanor Dye received the award for the high level of work produced throughout her A Level course.  Mrs Hardwick comments: ‘Eleansor has consistently produced outstanding essays throughout the two years of the course with practically all of them scoring maximum marks. She leaves us to study English Literature at university as one the most accomplished, meticulous students of literature seen in the department for a number of years.’