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Science and Technology Festival - Day 2

Tuesday was another full-on day at the Science and Technology festival with different talks and events running throughout the day.

All the First Years saw the mobile planetarium – giving them the opportunity to lie down and look at the ceiling of the dome as it showed the sky above Southampton that evening. The ‘astrodome’ prompted many questions from our students from the physics of black holes to the beginning and end of the Universe!  Meanwhile, the Third Year and the Lower Sixth heard Professor Holt give a fascinating and thought-provoking talk on 'Doping in Sport' which again produced many questions from the students luck enough to attend. At the same time, the Second Year were enjoying a talk on how humans can explore the solar system from ‘adventure scientist’ Huw James. This show included many dramatic and fascinating demonstrations.

Lunchtime found First and Second Years battling it out in the Dobson Theatre in the second iPad quiz while the Biology Department ran a forensics workshop on the School field.  In the afternoon, sixty pupils from Wordsworth School came to build and test water powered rockets whilst pupils from local prep schools presented their science investigations in ‘The Big Question’.

The Fourth Year enjoyed a clear and engaging talk on biofuels whilst the Lower Sixth physicists grappled with the twin paradox and wave-particle duality! The day closed with our evening lectures for parents and pupils. After a talk exploring Einstein’s contribution to Physics and beyond, adventure scientist Huw James ended the day in grand style talking about the science of survival and giving pupils, parents and teachers the opportunity to feast on mealworms and other, even less savoury bugs!