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Think Maths!

Dr Katie Steckles from the 'Think Maths' team visited KES on 15th November to deliver workshop sessions to the two Fifth Year top maths sets and all Lower Sixth maths students. Katie talked to students about some of maths greatest unsolved puzzles such as the seven Millenium Prize problems set by the Clay Mathematics Institute, one of which (the Poincare Conjecture) has now been solved. She also gave the pupils a range of puzzles to solve themselves requiring them to explain their ideas and think about what makes a convincing proof.

'Think Maths' was set up by Matt Parker who is the Public Engagement in Mathematics Fellow at Queen Mary University, and also performs as the stand-up mathematician. It is run by a group of mathematics speakers who visit schools to perform maths talks and workshops for all ages and abilities. Their sessions are interactive, funny and cover mathematical content which will grab the attention of students and inspire them to get excited about maths.