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Life with a Teenager

All parents are invited to this evening which will be held on11th May 2016. Six topics will be offered, from which parents can chose two 45 minute talks to attend. The talks provided include advice on parenting an adolescent, how to talk to your child about sex and contraception, eating disorders, guiding your child through their academic studies, teenage mental wellbeing and mindfulness Further details of the sessions on offer can be found by clicking on the invitation letter link below. The School plans to run a similar evening in May 2018.

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Here is a link to the letter regarding the evening held in May 2016, for information.  Life with a Teenager Evening

How to Survive and Enjoy your Child’s Teenage Years: Jan Symes

Society seems to have an expectation that all teenagers will start to grunt when they are 13 and then not be able to have a conversation with an adult for several years. Do you fear slammed doors, shouting, crying, and swearing? Will you lose your lovely child and suddenly find yourself living with a hormonal teenager? Is this a process they have to go through and we have to try to bear? Does it have to be like this?

Jan Symes is the Lead Counsellor at Alton College. She has been working with children and young people for over 25 years and is the mother of two daughters. This workshop explored what children need to make a successful transition from child to young adult and how parents can support them whilst maintaining mutual respect. It  explored how parenting changes as children become adolescents and  enabled parents to share ideas and concerns whilst providing supportive information and strategies to deal with a range of common teenage issues.

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Supporting those affected by eating disorders or self-harm: Jenny Langley

The onset of problems such as eating disorders and self-harm are increasingly common and are worrying for a teenager’s friends and family. This session provided a greater understanding of the teenage emotional issues behind these behaviours and helped participants know how to create a supportive and calm culture around such mental health issues so that they can support the young person involved.

Jenny Langley is a Chartered Accountant who has six children aged between eleven and twenty-five and loves the chaos that they bring into her busy home. Since her eldest son recovered from anorexia over 10 years ago she has focused her attention on raising awareness of the mental health and emotional resilience of young people and she has a special interest in prevention, early intervention and crisis management in the school environment. She has written a book based on her family’s experiences and has made many appearances in the media. Jenny won the Beat Volunteer Recognition Award in 2014 for Outstanding Service to Education and Awareness which was presented at the House of Commons.

Sources of support when teaching about eating disorders.

Sources of support when teaching about self harm.

How to talk to your Teenager about Sex and Contraception:

Need help talking to your teenager about sex and relationships? Then know your stuff...

This session covered sex and contraception and gave an overview of teenage sexual health, confidentiality, the law and children under sixteen and sexually transmitted infections (STI’s). It also covered how to talk to your teenager about sex and relationships and where to find information about access to local services as well as what is new in Contraception and Sexual Health.

‘Coping with your adolescent….your adolescent coping with you’: Dick Moore

This session involved information on both adolescent development and on identifying the difference between sporadic low mood and teenage malaise on the one hand and emerging mental ill-health on the other. The session also aimed to give parents the tools to know where they can get help and support if necessary.

YouTube videos showing Dick Moore talking to VI form students about teenage depression.


Understanding Your Child’s Temperament

In May 2015 the School invited Lorraine Lee back to run her very popular session on understanding your child’s temperament. This session looks at understanding your child's specific natural tendencies and how you can minimise conflict and maximise the opportunities for them to do well and succeed. The aim is to help parents with strategies to enable them to lay a strong foundation for having an on-going, positive, respectful relationship with their children. We hope to invite Lorraine back to speak to parents again during the Summer Term 2017.

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