Parent Information Evenings

Life with a Teenager

All parents are invited to this evening which is held biannually. Four topics will be offered, from which parents can chose two 45 minute talks to attend. The talks provided include advice on parenting an adolescent, teenage mental wellbeing, teenage temperament and mindfulness. The School plans to run a similar evening in May 2020.

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How to Survive and Enjoy your Child’s Teenage Years: Jan Symes

Society seems to have an expectation that all teenagers will start to grunt when they are 13 and then not be able to have a conversation with an adult for several years. Do you fear slammed doors, shouting, crying, and swearing? Will you lose your lovely child and suddenly find yourself living with a hormonal teenager? Is this a process they have to go through and we have to try to bear? Does it have to be like this?

Jan Symes is the Lead Counsellor at Charterhouse. She has been working with children and young people for over 25 years and is the mother of two daughters. This workshop explores what children need to make a successful transition from child to young adult and how parents can support them whilst maintaining mutual respect. It explores how parenting changes as children become adolescents and enables parents to share ideas and concerns whilst providing supportive information and strategies to deal with a range of common teenage issues.

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Coping with your adolescent….your adolescent coping with you’: Dick Moore

Dick Moore has been a housemaster, English teacher and rugby coach and for, twenty two years, a headmaster. He qualified as a Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor in 2012 and became an Associate Trainer for the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust in 2013. Being a parent continues to be his most challenging role! Dick has a passion for understanding why young people are especially vulnerable to emotional fragility and how adolescence is likely to be a challenge for all concerned. His special interest is in adolescent development and the interaction between young people, their schools and their parents. He has given talks all over the UK and abroad and has also written various articles, given a TEDX Talk and appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Four Thought.

In this session, Dick discusses adolescent development whilst identifying the signs and symptoms of the most common mental health issues likely to emerge during this period. Crucially, he provides indicators of how to recognise the difference between teenage moods and emerging mental ill-health and where to get help if necessary. He also fully empathises with the challenge of parenthood!

YouTube videos showing Dick Moore talking to VI form students about teenage depression.


Understanding Your Child’s Temperament

Lorraine Lee is a Professional Parenting Practitioner with a background in Child Development and Child Psychology who has worked with teachers, parents, children and young people in Hampshire for over fifteen years. Her sessions at King Edward’s in previous years have been insightful and engaging yet delivered with humour and relevance and her aim is to for families to thrive, have fun and succeed. The adolescent brain is one of Lorraine’s main areas of work and her presentation explores how, by understanding your child's specific natural tendencies, you can minimise conflict and maximise the opportunities for your child to do well and to succeed. It also looks at how this understanding can lay a strong foundation for parents and teenagers to have an ongoing positive and respectful relationship together.

Temperament document.


The growth in popularity in mindfulness has been remarkable and many education leaders are promoting its potential in helping pupils get the most out of their school years. Mindfulness uses mental training exercises to help develop sustained attention and effective self-regulation, encouraging the participant “to be present in the moment.”

Annie Davison is a Person-Centred Counsellor and Mindfulness teacher who has worked as a counsellor in the School for several years and also teaches the introduction to mindfulness course for pupils (.b for Teens). Her session looks at Mindfulness and how it can be used in the school environment. She will give a short introduction to Mindfulness, explaining what it is and why it is beneficial to practise, for those who are interested not only for their children but also for themselves.